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Do you rent international licenses?

Yes, we do!

How old you need to be to rent cars?

Min age requirement is 21 years old but for some luxury and exotic cars min age requirement can be 25 years old.

Do you rent 18 years old with license?

If they can provide their own insurance and if it’s transferable to the rental car, renter will be reliable to rent the vehicle with a higher deposit.

Can we purchase insurance?

Yes, you can do it by selecting "I need insurance" option on the car rental page.

Do you have mileage restrictions on the cars?

Yes, it depends on the car. You can check it on the “Specifications” tab on every car’s page.

Can we drop different location or state?

Yes you can if you arrange it prior to renting the car within additional cost.

Can we travel to Mexico or Canada with the rental cars?

Unfortunately, no.

What are the requirements for renting the car?

  • Active driver license
  • Major credit card (Visa MasterCard AMEX Discover)
  • Car insurance ( not mandatory) You have to purchase from us at additional cost

How much deposit you require?

Each car has various refundable deposit amounts. On the checkout page it, the system will show how much is your rental car need for deposit.

Can I pay with debit card?

Yes you can pay with a debit card the rental cost but you can not rent it with a debit card you have to provide a major credit card.

For authorization we understand it has to be major credit card but what is the other payment methods you have?

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Zelle
  • Venmo
  • Cash