Exotic Car Rental Malibu, CA for the Ultimate Famous Celebrity Feels

The mere mention of Malibu always brings to mind hotshot celebrities who live in gorgeous beachfront properties with the driveway boasting a long line of fancy sports cars. Now, you don’t need to be a celebrity yourself just to drive exotic cars, though. Here at RNTLA, we will make sure that you will feel like a famous celebrity yourself!

Our company only has one goal, and that is to bring luxury to your fingertips! With our reasonable prices for our premium SUV, sedan, or any other vehicle, you wouldn’t even bother to ask how much it will cost you because you know right from the get-go that it will give you more than your money’s worth!

Where to Go with Your Luxury Sports Car Rental Malibu, CA?

There is more to Malibu than being the home of celebrities. This small posh town also offers its visitors and residents an exciting range of activities, mainly outdoor ones. 

Great waves, long stretches of beaches with soft white sand, miles after miles of canyon trails, the warm California breeze, and lots of delectable dining opportunities are just some of the many qualities associated with this heavily coastal and elite city of Malibu. They also make it a wonderful place to spend your day even if you are not famous or rich. 

Whether you are visiting Malibu in winter, fall, spring, or summer, the area buzzes with so much life and activities regardless of the season. RNTLA is within close proximity to this small piece of paradise will ensure that you will find the perfect Malibu, CA exotic car rental to make your stay at this destination even more special.

With scenic views of the Pacific Ocean with its crystal blue waters, Malibu also serves as the home to fabulous hotels including Casa Malibu Inn on the Beach and Malibu Beach Inn. Zuma Beach, one of the state’s most popular beaches, is also found in Malibu. Don’t miss the chance to splash among the sparkling waves and sunbathe on the lovely white sand of this beach that is often featured in films.

Malibu offers surfing, swimming, camping, and hiking as well at Point Mogu State Park. You can enjoy a fun-filled day out in the water or watch the lovely sunset on the beach with your special someone. Or better yet, you can just drive your luxury SUV rental in Malibu, CA along the coast for the ultimate Malibu experience. 

Malibu also offers decadent shopping that stays updated with the latest trends. You can go shopping at Malibu Colony Plaza Shops or Malibu Beach Club and enjoy your dose of retail therapy with the exciting displays in this piece of paradise on earth. You can be sure that your premium SUV rental in Malibu, CA got more than enough room for your shopping bags or is even more spacious to accommodate your whole family. 

If these attractions don’t satisfy your vacation, Malibu also offers something to fill up your stomach. Grab something delish to eat at The Sunset Restaurant or Geoffrey’s Malibu and satisfy your taste buds with heaven-made food devoured on Earth. 

The Canyon Club, Spruzzo’s, and Dukes are some of the clubs and bars you can visit to end the day. You can drive with your luxury rental cars Malibu, CA to these exclusive spots and capture everyone’s attention for the night. 

Rent a luxury car from RNTLA and explore this coastal utopia right at your fingertips!

Why Rent a Luxury Car in Malibu?

It is not a secret that luxury cars are far from being cheap. Not everyone can afford to buy an exotic car. But just because you cannot have a luxury car of your own doesn’t mean that you can just forget your dreams of driving one. 

Here at RNTLA, we make it more than possible to rent a sports car in Malibu, CA, and cruise around Malibu driving your dream car!

Here are the best reasons to get a luxury car for rent in Malibu, CA from us:

  • Choose the Luxury Car Model You 

Before deciding on the car you want to buy, it is always a good decision to rent luxury cars Malibu, CA first. If you have always wanted to buy a Lamborghini but are still having doubts, try to rent a luxury car in Malibu, CA for a day or two. This way, you can get a feel of the vehicle to determine if it is worthy to buy or not. 

  • Perfect for Wedding, Prom, and Parties 

A luxury cars rental Malibu, CA is always a great choice for special occasions in your life. If you want to arrive in style and make a good impression, luxury rent a car Malibu, CA is something you would never regret. 

With luxury cars, you can expect to remember the special day for a very long time. If you need to attend a special occasion or event, consider renting luxury cars Malibu, CA from RNTLA! 

  • Make a Great First Impression 

Rent a sports car in Malibu, CA if your goal is to make a great first impression. During those times when you want to show up in style in your important business meetings, an exotic car will definitely do the trick. 

It is not a secret how competitive business meetings can get, and the specific car you drive will surely give you an edge over others. If you want your clients and potential companies to take you seriously, make sure you drive a car that will have a positive reflection on you. 

  • Try Different Cars 

Accept it: buying a Lamborghini or Rolls Royce is impractical unless you got loads of cash to spare. If you want to try several exotic cars, buying them doesn’t make sense at all. Things can get expensive and over time, you might even get bored. 

Rent exotic car (in) Malibu, CA from RNTLA today and feel right at home amidst the luxurious Malibu town!