Are you planning to rent a BMW in Los Angeles soon? Pulling up in a ride from this iconic luxury German car brand is one of the surefire ways to turn heads and spark admiration, whether you are going on a vacation with your family, attending a special event, or going to an important business meeting.

Originally established as a manufacturer of aircraft engines in 1916, BMW soon evolved with state-of-the-art technology while still retaining its upscale and sleek image. The BMW brand offers an extensive selection of vehicles ranging from sedans to SUVs, classy coupes, and convertibles. 

Here at RNTLA we may have a smaller selection of under 25 luxury cars. However, this limited and exclusive number allows our company to look after our fleet better and provide our valued clients with affordable daily, weekly, and monthly rental prices. 

Just like other companies, we also give our clients the chance to learn how much our services cost and choose whether they want to rent a BMW Los Angeles on a per day, per week, or per month basis depending on your needs, budget, and preferences.

Rent BMW in Los Angeles

Popularly known as BMW, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG was established as the result of a partnership in 1916 between two German companies. It was not until 1928 that the company started producing actual vehicles. 

Despite being embroiled in various controversies for most of the 20th century, the BMW brand soon found its footing, with the company solidifying itself as a leader in the category of four-door sporty sedans. 

Fast forward to modern-day times, BMW has become best known for exquisite design, innovation, and luxury. It doesn’t matter if you need to attend a red carpet event or you simply want to enjoy a cruise for a day to one of the many sights in and around Los Angeles. All you have to do is get in touch with us to rent a BMW in LA, California with us right away!

Interesting BMW Facts Every BMW Fan Should Know

Without a doubt, BMW has a very incredible and fascinating history of change and transformation. As mentioned earlier, the company originally began as an aircraft engine manufacturer and by decree of law, it was then forced to start producing cars. 

Aside from this, BMW has continued to remain right the vanguard of technology and has become known all over the world these days as among the leading producers of luxury cars.

Before you look for a BMW for rent Los Angeles, here are some interesting facts you might want to know:

  • It is in 1972 when BMW developed its first-ever electric car. The car, unfortunately, failed to hold a charge for over 20 minutes, which led to it never reaching mass production at all. 
  • BMW has already been using the brand’s signature kidney grille on all its vehicles since 1933. 
  • BMW would have probably been manufacturing aircraft engines to this day if it wasn’t for the Treaty of Versailles which banned all German companies from producing engines for warplanes and warplanes. 
  • The company doesn’t only manufacture cars because they also design interiors for trains and airplanes. 
  • The colors of the BMW logo are a representation of Bavaria where the brand was established. Aside from this, some also claim that the logo was meant to look like plane propellers. 

Without a doubt, BMW has a storied and long history that stretches across various companies, industries, and multiple time periods. The moment you get into your BMW rental LA, you can be sure that you will drive a machine that is perfected for more than a century and is right at the forefront of design and technology. Give RNTLA to learn more about rental BMW price Los Angeles and how you can book a BMW with us today!

Tips for Driving a BMW Rental in Los Angeles

There is no denying that BMW is renowned far and wide for its innovation, style, and luxury. The moment you get into your rental BMW for the first time, it is best recommended to spend the initial few minutes becoming more familiar with all the technology found within the car’s interior. 

Not arming yourself with this knowledge before driving a BMW might only leave you distracted as you try looking for the right settings you need when you are in the middle of LA traffic. 

Aside from this, BMW is also at the forefront of the so-called stop-go fuel savings technology. This means that you don’t have to worry when the car turns off at the traffic light or if the engine stops just when you are braking in traffic. Doing so will help you save more fuel and money in the long run. 

Tips for Parking Your BMW Rental 

If you are driving a luxury car like a BMW, it is already a given that you will automatically attract the attention of people anywhere you go. Even if Los Angeles has plenty of convenient and accessible street parking areas, it is not really recommended to use them too often. 

Most of the time, doing so may lead to unwanted damage to the bumpers and doors of the car. It is also a good idea that you take advantage of valet parking and park in covered garages as much as possible. 

Tips for Ensuring the Safety of Your BMW Rental in Los Angeles 

It is important that just like other major cities, Los Angeles is not free from elements of the crime. Even if you park your rental BMW in a secured and safe spot, it is still imperative that you engage and use your security system every time you need to be away from your car. 

In addition, don’t forget to remove all your personal items from the vehicle, or better yet, put them in a spot where they will not be easily seen by passersby. Remember that BMW is a symbol of luxury and excellence. This means that would-be criminals will prey on suspecting people who don’t take the necessary safety precautions every time they leave their vehicles.  

If you ever find yourself asking “where can I rent BMW 330 Sedan or BMW M440XI Convertible in Los Angeles” one day, don’t look any further. Here at RNTLA, we will help you rent BMW 540 or BMW M440XI Convertible in Los Angeles, California easily and seamlessly!