Audi cars are the embodiment of everything and anything you expect from a quality car. If you want to experience and enjoy the most outstanding performance, picking a model from this brand is no doubt the right choice for you! 

Stylish and powerful, unbelievably responsive, and boasting their own unique character, Audi cars are guaranteed to meet and go beyond your expectations and give the most unforgettable memories. 

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A Quick History of Audi

August Horch, a German engineer, founded and officially established Audi in April 1910. Even though not the first choice of name because of the legal dispute with his originally founded company August Horch & Cie, Horch was obviously not an option anymore. 

A meeting with his trusted friends in business proved to be very fruitful, and this led to the agreement on Audi as the new brand name. Thanks to Latin studies and the son of his friend, Horch soon discovered that his own name which means hear or hark in German actually translates as audi in the Latin language. 

In that very same year, the Audi brand launched its first-ever vehicle called Audi Type A Sport-Phaeton. The Audi Type B was released shortly after a few months. It was 12 years later when the Audi Type K, the first-ever German manufactured car that featured a left-handed drive, was launched in the market. 

The Audi brand was renowned for its luxurious vehicles that boast specialist bodywork. But in 1939, as a result of the time’s economic challenges, financial pressures on Audi led to its complete disappearance from the market of new cars for more than two decades. 

It was not until the later part of the 1960s that the Audi name was brought back to life to produce a modern four-stroke engine. Initially sold as Audi under the extensive Volkswagen umbrella, the later models were then named after the functional developments like the horsepower rating improvements. Some of these models are the Audi Super 90, 60, and 75 as well as the Audi 100 and 80, which served as the starting template for the modern-day Audi A6 and A4.

When the 1980s came, Audi introduced its pioneer large production of its all-wheel-drive vehicle. The car was manufactured using the four-wheel-drive technology of Volkswagen combined with a rally racing car’s performance. This was launched in the market as the currently popular turbo-charged coupe, the Audi Quatro. 

Since then, Audi focused more on innovative design with the vision of constant progress. The philosophy of Audi is that anything they develop today will not only lead to better vehicles but also a much better tomorrow. It is now very evident in the brand’s continuous advances in car design and motor technology with every new launch of the Audi brand. 

With the brand’s locations all over the world, it has become easier and more convenient than ever before to rent an Audi in LA, California! 

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Just like its major competitors Mercedes Benz and BMW, Audi has long been a household name in the industry of luxury cars. While Mercedes Benz is popular for comfort and refinement and BMW is renowned for its dynamics, Audi is acclaimed for its exceptional balance of both speed and comfort. 

Aside from these, there are also the company’s revolutionary Quatro systems that undoubtedly place the company ahead of its competitors when it comes to all-wheel-drive systems. The incredible craftsmanship of Audi, especially in terms of interiors, is one more thing that makes the brand truly stand out. 

The technology is nothing short of perfect and only high-quality leather is used. This is why it is not a surprise that Volkswagen, the parent group of Audi, provides the engines that power Bugatti and Lamborghini among many others. 

In 2018 alone, the company manufactured a staggering 1.87 million cars all over the world with which almost 4,000 of those being the popular Audi R8. 

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The moment you get to try driving one, you might even want to try other models! Some of the most amazing features of Audi cars include:

  • advanced safety system
  • comfortable interior
  • fast acceleration
  • helpful contemporary devices in the salon
  • hundreds of horsepower
  • impressive appearance
  • powerful engine

The rental Audi price Los Angeles ranges from $295 to $349. 

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