What’s the best way to explore Los Angeles? With a head-turning Jeep, of course! Pick up or have your Jeep rental delivered to your doorstep. Drive around town with your Jeep because there is simply no other better way for you to enjoy and bask in the lovely sunshine of Los Angeles. Make your trip easier and book your Jeep rental with us today!

Here at RNTLA, we take great pride in our smaller selection of under 25 luxury cars or so. This is because the limited and exclusive number allows our company to look after our fleet better and offer our esteemed clients affordable daily, weekly, and monthly car rental prices. 

What sets us apart from other companies is the fact that we also give our clients the chance to learn how much our services cost and decide whether they want to rent a Jeep in LA, California on a per day, per week, or per month basis depending on your needs, budget, and preferences.

Rent Jeep in Los Angeles

A Jeep rental in Los Angeles may just be that missing detail you need for your next work or vacation trip in the area. Whether you hope to enjoy the ocean breeze with the Jeep’s top down or you want to drive smoothly around Beverly Hills, a Jeep is always up and ready for any adventure. 

Also, when you book a Jeep rental with us at RNTLA, you will be surprised that we got some of the cheapest rates on some of our popular exotic car models. Book a Jeep today and ride off to witness the lovely California sunsets.

From the beefy engine to the water-resistant interior, the Jeep is built to be a durable beast. Once you are behind the wheel of a Jeep, you can simply navigate highway traffic, fly over bumpy roads, or better yet, head over to the desert. Rent Jeep Grand Wagoneer or Jeep Grand Wagoneer II in Los Angeles, California which will get you where you want to go while being fashionable and comfortable.

Where to Go with Your Jeep Rental 

Are you looking for a vehicle that offers the same level of fun as an SUV rental that looks cool but with open-air options like that of a convertible? Why not make a Jeep rental in Los Angeles your newest go-to vehicle?

Whether you want to shop in the heart of the city or traverse the muddy roads in the nearby national forest, you can expect a Jeep rental to handle pretty much anything and everything that gets thrown at it. However, to ensure your safety, be sure to fight the impulse and never go off-roading with your Jeep rental.

Here are some of the attractions in Los Angeles that you can visit with your Jeep for rent Los Angeles. 

  • Angeles National Forest

While you might encounter snowy or wet roads on your way up to a high desert, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck if you are driving your Jeep rental. Drive up to one of the ski resorts such as the Mt. Baldy Resort or Mountain High Resort and spend a day in the snow. If you are visiting during the summer months, you can also bike and hike on the covered forest trails.

  • Santa Monica Beach

Simply fit in with the in-crowd as you zoom along the beachfront with your Jeep rental in Los Angeles. Give off a good first impression as you head to an outdoor gym, Muscle Beach, or plan a fun-filled day at the local amusement park, Pacific Park.

  • Topanga State Park

Enjoy a seamless ride over mountains and canyons when you rent a Jeep Los Angeles and go sightseeing at the Topanga State Park. Put the top down and stargaze on a clear and peaceful night or better yet, pack some sleeping bags and spend the night. There are also a lot of activities you can do during the day, such as mountain biking and hiking.

More Adventures in the Great Outdoors of Los Angeles

Many of you probably wouldn’t even imagine a glitzy city like Los Angeles would also have lots of rugged outdoor activities in store for its visitors, but it does! You will find plenty of things to see and do, including many nearby national forests, local parks, and beaches. But before you head out on your LA adventure, don’t forget to respect the place and just stick to the designated roads.

  • Beverly Hills

With a GPS, Google, and a Jeep rental in Los Angeles, all you have to do is pull down the top to enjoy a self-guided tour. Pass by the homes of stars who are living and used to live in Beverly Hills.

  • Dockweiler Beach

The moment you arrive at the Dockweiler Beach in your Jeep rental LA, simply park and bask in the majestic sunsets, make a splash on the shore, or grab something to eat at the nearby concessions stand.

  • Los Padres National Forest

You can pack some sleeping bags, tents, and your favorite trail mix in your Jeep rental and stay for the night to camp at Los Padres National Forest. If you just want to stay for the day, you can also spend time hiking and exploring OHV trails all over the forest.

Top Reasons to Rent a Jeep in Los Angeles

If you are still unconvinced if the rental Jeep price Los Angeles will be worth it, here are more exciting reasons to do so:

  1. Dependable Option

Since exploring Los Angeles in full freedom is a must, having a reliable vehicle is also equally important. Thanks to their capacity to handle the area’s rough natural roads, Jeeps are a common choice of vehicle for residents and visitors alike. Match this reliability with the unbeatable customer service RNTLA, and you just got yourself the perfect recipe for a hassle-free rental experience.

  1. Freedom to Explore

The last thing you want is to be confined in the corners of your hotel room and those blocks around the hotel when visiting a new locale. Say goodbye to being a prisoner in your hotel room by renting a Jeep to go out and explore the area! With all the beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants and bars, and the lively events schedule, you can be sure that there is always something in store for everyone at your party to enjoy in Los Angeles.

Where can I rent Jeep Grand Wagoneer II or Jeep Grand Wagoneer in Los Angeles? You don’t need to go and look any further because RNTLA is here to the rescue! Give us a call today!