Experience the Best of Beverly Hills with Exotic Car Rental Beverly Hills, CA

Towering palm trees line the streets with the cool breeze of California touching your skin as you cruise from Sunset Boulevard to Mulholland as you soak in all the beauty that this wonderful place has to offer. If you ever find yourself in Beverly Hills, a Beverly Hills, CA exotic car rental is definitely the best way of exploring this posh city. 

Quick Overview of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills in the county of Los Angeles in California is located 6 miles northeast of Santa Monica and 9 miles west of Los Angeles, CA. This city is a top destination among tourists featuring some of the biggest houses not just in the county but also in the US as a whole. 

Beverly Hills is among the nation’s most expensive housing markets bordered by the Santa Monica Mountains on the north. This community also serves as the home to a long list of celebrities. The world-renowned Sunset Boulevard crosses through the city. Many residents of Beverly Hills reside in the flat areas, while the priciest houses are perched in the hills. There is also a large American-Iranian community in Beverly Hills.

If you are planning to rent luxury cars Beverly Hills, CA, you might be interested to learn about the history of this exclusive community. 

Gaspar de Portola together with his expedition arrived in 1769 in the region. This expedition included some Franciscan Priests. The United States acquired California in 1848 in the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo. Its name was inspired by the rolling hills located in Beverly Massachusetts. The Percy H. Clark Co. announced the opening of Beverly Hills in 1906. 

The construction of the popular Beverly Hills Hotel started in 1911. Many showbiz celebrities chose Beverly Hills as their permanent home. This city also came up with a marketing campaign that emphasized it as one of the world’s most glamorous cities when it comes to shopping. 

A luxury rent a car Beverly Hills, CAis a great way for you to drive around the city and see the remaining traces of its rich history. 

Where to Go with Your Luxury Sports Car Rental Beverly Hills, CA?

Luxury rental cars Beverly Hills, CA can serve as your premium ride when seeing its top attractions:

  • There is a trolley ride available through Beverly Hills that travels by the famous shopping areas and homes of celebrities.
  • Beverly Drive is the top shopping destination. 
  • Greystone Mansion is a unique structure of Tudor-style and is part of the National Register of Historic Places. Both the mansion itself and the land where it is built are often featured on TV and in movies. 
  • Museum of Radio and Television showcases an extensive collection of radio and TV programs. 
  • Rodeo Drive is an expensive and popular shopping location. 
  • The Beverly Hills Food Festival is a yearly event held in Beverly Gardens Park. 
  • Its historic City Hall boasts a stunning structure. 
  • Two Rodeo is dotted with an exciting variety of salons, boutiques, and restaurants. 
  • Walden Drive is a lovely street where you can take your luxury SUV rental in Beverly Hills, CA and experience driving down this attraction often seen in movies. 

Other Places to Visit with Your Luxury Car Rental 

Aside from the attractions mentioned above, there are still many other places where you can take your luxury car for rent in Beverly Hills, CA out for a ride. A good example of this is none other than the Beverly Gardens Park located along Santa Monica Boulevard which features a pond, gardens, and a jogging path. 

La Cienega Park is another top destination offering opportunities for different athletic activities. Celebrities also love spending time at the Los Angeles Country Club. The Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica’s gorgeous beaches, and Hollywood are all a short distance away and will only take a few minutes to drive with your rental car. Los Angeles is also a stone’s throw away offering an extensive variety of entertainment and activities. 

Why Rent a Luxury Car in Beverly Hills, CA?

Looking for reliable companies that offer luxury cars rental Beverly Hills, CA can benefit you in more ways than you think. If you wish to make a statement, for example, your regular ride might not make the cut.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to treat your special someone or you are on an important business trip in Beverly Hills, it is an investment that will be worth it if you rent exotic car (in) Beverly Hills, CA.

If you are planning to enjoy all the perks that come with riding high-end cars, a luxury car rental is your number one choice. 

Below are some of the top reasons to choose premium SUV rental in Beverly Hills, CA:

  • Feel the Powerful Engine Roar

All car enthusiasts would relish the chance to drive a sports car just for the sake of the engine roar alone. Many luxury cars produce a unique roar every time the engine is revved. Many motorheads love driving luxury units for this very reason. If others love it, there is simply no reason for you not to love it, too. 

  • Feel Like a Celebrity

It is not every day that you see a luxury vehicle, much less drive one. And if you do see one, chances are it is only preserved for the elite few. When you drive a luxury car, it means that all people you meet on the road will surely turn their heads. By renting luxury cars Beverly Hills, CA, you will not only be able to take photos of the car but you can also enjoy the unique special feeling of driving one that regular cars can never offer. 

  • It’s Convenient

Nothing beats the convenience that you can enjoy when you rent a sports car in Beverly Hills, CA. Aside from having a car when you need it the most, many car rentals also provide additional services to take your driving experience to a whole new level. 

Indeed, luxury car rentals in Beverly Hills are the true hallmark of all car rental experiences. The next time you want to experience Beverly Hills at its finest, don’t forget to contact RNTLA, your leading car rental company. 

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