Have you always imagined yourself driving a Corvette? RNTLA is here to help put a stop to all those imaginations so you can experience in real life how it truly feels to drive one!

Here at RNTLA, we may have a minimal selection of under 25 luxury cars or so. However, these exclusive and special options allow our company to care for our fleet better and provide our esteemed clients with reasonable daily, weekly, and monthly car rental prices. 

Just like the rest of the companies, we also give our clients the chance to learn how much our services cost and pick whether they want to rent a Corvette on a per week, per month, or per day basis depending on your requests, budget, and likings.

Rent Corvette in Los Angeles  

It was in 1953 when Chevrolet made the decision that it will introduce a concept car at the New York Auto Show. This car will be a small two-seater packed with a powerful engine. The Chevrolet brand used a one-of-a-kind composite for its body so that it will be lightweight enough. 

They then advertised it as the car of the future. The brand even went as far as naming it after the Corvette, a small maneuverable warship. What Chevy didn’t anticipate is that this car will even enter production. 

Corvette became an instant hit at the New York Show, and this is what spurred Chevrolet to proceed to put the vehicle into production, leading to the birth of the ultimate American sports car. From then on, Corvette has seen evolutions through the years with its seven body generations and became the most famous sports car in history. The C8 was among the newest body styles that were released in 2019. 

Whether you want to rent Corvette C8 or Corvette C8 Blue in Los Angeles, California just for one day or for your entire stay, RNTLA got exactly what you need. 

Corvette Rental in Los Angeles  

When you rent a Corvette Los Angeles, you can look forward to a driving experience that doesn’t even come close to other vehicles. Some even claim that even the high-end supercars such as the McLaren or Ferrari don’t offer the same drive experience and feel like a Corvette. 

In fact, driving a Corvette is already an experience all of its own. It is the epitome of power, class, freedom, style, comfort, and rebellion all wrapped into one sexy and sleek machine. 

Depending on your chosen Corvette rental LA, you can expect the V8 engine to roll out a minimum of 450hp. Other models are even equipped with an engine with 650hp that can already compare to the same level of power you can experience when driving a Lamborghini. 

Right from the time you slip into the plush leather of the car’s racing-style seats, you will instantly know that renting a Corvette in Los Angeles was one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life. The car’s seats will hug snugly to your body to achieve that relaxing comfort level. Corvette’s interior design is also form-fitting that resembles a race car. The moment you settle into the seat, you’ll be amazed at how everything is right within your reach while feeling in full control behind the wheel. 

Once the engine roars to life, you can feel the raw power screaming to hit the open road. The engine gives off a slight vibration you feel that will further enhance the desire of getting to the road and start driving. During the ride, the engine hums while the superior exhaust system produces a distinct sound. When people hear this unique sound, they will know right away that a Corvette is approaching. 

The exceptional design of the Corvette also offers an enhanced experience to the passengers. They will definitely love that extra legroom, form-fitting comfy seats, and quick access to the vehicle’s entertainment features. With your Corvette rental, you can have peace of mind knowing that both you and your passengers will ride in sheer style and comfort.

When to Rent a Corvette?

A Corvette rental is perfect for many events and situations, and some of these are the following:

  1. Entertainment Events

Are you one of those celebrities who always want to make a grand arrival and entrance during entertainment events? Stars and celebrities from different parts of the world love sports cars for a reason. 

Be sure to opt for a Corvette for rent Los Angeles even for a day and make a grand first impression that will make you stand out during the event. For those with busy schedules, don’t worry because all you have to do is make arrangements with us and have your Corvette delivered right to your doorsteps. 

  1. Video and Photo Shoots 

Do you want to spice up your social media posts and videos by having a supercar in the background? Then, a Corvette is one of the most eye-catching and exciting vehicles you can use for your video and photo shoots. 

Rent a Corvette in LA, California from us and we will have it delivered to you. You can also schedule to pick it up so you can drive it yourself to the venue of your shoot. 

  1. Prom Night

While most rental companies don’t allow people under 21 years old to rent supercars, exceptions are often in place during prom night. This means you can schedule a Corvette rental for this special night and attend your prom in style.

  1. Weddings

Do you want to make your wedding unforgettable? A Corvette is a flashy car that will be the perfect car for the perfect bride on this perfect day. Being a two-seater, the groom can drive it himself and whisk off the bride on their road to forever. 

  1. Weekend Getaway 

Finally, a Corvette rental is guaranteed to make your weekend getaways more memorable. This is the best way to enjoy Los Angeles to the fullest!

Where can I rent Corvette C8 Blue or Corvette C8 in Los Angeles? Be sure to contact RNTLA to learn about rental Corvette price Los Angeles and rent a Corvette Los Angeles today!