If you have always dreamed of cruising down the roads of Los Angeles, from Hollywood to Beverly Hills to Malibu, RNTLA got you covered! Our rentals include modern and state-of-the-art vehicles that make going on trips around Los Angeles a breeze. With our Cadillac rental during your visit, you can look forward to riding in complete comfort and luxury throughout your stay! 

Here at RNTLA, we may have a smaller assortment of under 25 luxury cars. However, this exclusive and limited number makes it easier for our company to look after our fleet better and offer our valued clients affordable monthly, daily, and weekly rental prices. 

Just like other companies, we also provide our clients the chance to learn how much our services are and choose if they want to rent a Cadillac Los Angeles on a per day, per week, or per month basis depending on your budget, needs, and preferences.

Our team at RNTLA makes it a point to make your LA trip memorable and we provide all the things you can ever ask for to turn your dream vacation into reality while you are here. Rent a Cadillac in LA, California, and check out all the most famous spots in perfect style!

Rent Cadillac Los Angeles

Cadillac is the embodiment of the extravagance and sense of style that is exactly what the most elite businesspeople, musicians, and celebrities are looking for. Since the late 1990s, it has been the Cadillac Escalade that catered to the demand in the United States for comfortable full-size luxury SUVs. 

The name Escalade is no doubt among the most easily recognizable brands in modern-day pop culture. From the renowned rappers to hotshot celebrities and popular movies in Hollywood, Escalade is the line from Cadillac that is considered a staple for all the A-listers out there. 

But more than its use and the frequent reference in the pop culture of today, there is more to the Cadillac Escalade ESV than being just luxurious in its own right. The truth is that this monster of a car is what you can consider as somewhat a show-off. Its exterior LED lights look like they are brought to life in a way as it greets and welcomes you inside the roomy cabin. You can think of the lights as your butler of a sort. 

More spectacular things await you once you get inside the Cadillac Escalade ESV. The stunning landscape of metal accents, leather, and wood flows seamlessly, transforming the truck into a legit luxury SUV.

So far, the Cadillac Escalade ESV is possibly the most technologically advanced out of all the Cadillac models. Its diagonal OLED screen measuring 38 inches forms a stunning arc across the left side of the dashboard. The definition of a luxury SUV is taken to a whole new level by the Cadillac Escalade ESV as it introduces 12.6” screens for rear-seat passengers, Super Cruise semi-autonomous tech, and augmented reality navigation. 

Cadillac Escalade ESV: The Gentle Giant Perfect for Los Angeles Road Trips 

Cadillac Escalade ESV is your best option if you plan to go on an LA road trip. And if you think that this giant car of 5,800 pounds won’t be up for a long drive, you might want to give it a second thought. 

It comes with a V8 engine that packs lots of power for all those uphill climbs while still delivering excellent competence and extreme comfort in curves at the same time. Don’t let this colossus make you think that it cannot do anything because it does effortlessly absorb all bumps you might encounter on the road. 

Since the car also comes with an independent rear-end suspension, you can look forward to a better combination of ride and handling quality. It saves you from feeling as if you are lumbering or other similar cumbersome experiences every time you reach some sharp corners because the car’s body roll is kept in check well almost all the time. 

Cadillac Escalade ESV also boasts leather seats that provide the same level of comfort that 5-star hotels offer. With the 12-way adjustability and cooling functionality, sitting in this SUV will definitely make you feel like true royalty! 

Best Places to Go with Your Cadillac Rental

The experience of being behind the wheel of one of today’s most luxurious sedans will never be complete if you don’t check out some of the most popular Los Angeles attractions:

  • Malibu Canyon

Never miss the chance of driving through the Pacific Coast Highway where you can witness panoramic sceneries that most travelers tend to take for granted. Take in the verdant views of the Santa Monica Mountains as you enjoy the drive in your Cadillac rental LA. Experience freedom at its finest in California as you watch the Pacific’s sparkling open blue waters and green cliff sides. 

  • Sunset Strip 

Why not drive like a true A-lister from Crescent Heights Boulevard to Doheny Drive in the legendary Sunset Strip. Nicknamed the road with multiple personalities, this is the place where you can feast your eyes on everything imaginable from the bright billboards that cover the side of the buildings to trendy boutique hotels to high-end dining spots. The Sunset Strip is no doubt the ultimate destination for cruising with your Cadillac for rent Los Angeles. 

  • Beverly Hills and Melrose Avenue 

Enjoy a legit VIP shopping experience and arrive in finesse and style at Beverly Hills and Melrose Avenue. You won’t run out of choices with its hundreds of signature and high-end shops and boutiques. And thanks to the roomy interior of the Cadillac Escalade ESV, you don’t even need to worry about running out o space for all the stuff you buy!

Rent a Cadillac from RNTLA

If you’re asking, “where can I rent Cadillac Escalade ESV or Cadillac Escalade EXT in Los Angeles,” you’ve come to the right place! RNTLA is your number one option if you want to rent Cadillac Escalade ESV or Cadillac Escalade ESV in Los Angeles, California. Call us today and let’s give you a walkthrough of the rental Cadillac price Los Angeles.